Safe video guided pericardial access
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Opening the way to
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PeriCardioScope™ is a safe video-guided pericardial access device that dramatically changes the way pericardial access is achieved. Its use will drive the market for pericardial access base procedures such as VT ablation, epicardial ablation, lead placement and removal, left atrial appendage ligation, Pericardiocentesis and drug delivery.
Video-based navigation to pericardium
Blunt tip to eliminate harm adjacent organs
Suction mechanism for safe penetration into the pericardial space
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Its simple and safe use will drive the market for additional pericardial approach procedures.
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Current pericardial access hasn’t changed in years

Pericardial access hasn’t changed much since the introduction of the Touhy needle in 1946. Procedures are still performed under fluoroscopic guidance and require significant skills and experience to perform. Complications include tamponade, liver perforation, heart perforation, and more, with estimated rate of complication to be between 7%–30% of procedures. Due to the complexity involved and the inherent risk of the current approach, only a limited group of physicians attempt to perform it, resulting in a small number of patients who receive adequate treatment.

PeriCardioScope™: Safe video guided pericardial access

PeriCardioScope is the first and only system to provide safe and convenient pericardial access. It consists of a handheld device and a desktop Console with video display. The device combines two benefits that are key to successful access into the pericardial space:

Video-based navigation to the pericardium without harming adjacent organs

In order to navigate safely to the pericardium from a sub-xiphoid approach, the access tool includes a miniature high-resolution video camera. The video camera guides the physician, verifying the position and identifying the organs on the way to the pericardium. The blunt tip of the device prevents damage to tissues and organs such as the liver and lungs during navigation.

Suction mechanism for safe penetration into the pericardial space

Puncturing the pericardium is safe due to a proprietary suction mechanism that gently pulls the pericardial tissue into a chamber, separating it from the heart and allowing safe puncture in order to advance a GW into the pericardial space.

Suction mechanism for safe penetration into the pericardial space

Potential use in millions of procedures

Clinical procedures that require access to the pericardium, to treat the heart from the external side, have been growing in importance in recent years. Facilitating access enables millions of procedures per year.
Current Therapies
Epicardial mapping and ablation (VT, WPW)
Epicardial lead placement
Left atrial appendage closure
Developing Therapies
TAVI temporary pacing
HF therapies; Pericardial resection
Thoracic Sympathectomy
Sustained myocardial drug delivery
Stem Cell transplantation
Epicardial AF ablation

About Perifect Medical

Perifect was founded in 2010 by Rainbow Medical, the premier Israeli medical device innovation and investment group. The company is led by an experienced engineering and clinical team and collaborates with leading physicians throughout the world. Perifect's technology is protected by multiple US and international patents and patent applications.

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